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Together, we can make a difference

In partnership with Open Doors, Westfield Youth Assistance, and local churches, we can help make a difference this holiday season by supporting the Westfield Holiday Giving Program. Your contribution can bring joy and cheer to those in need. Join us in spreading generosity and gratitude to our community. 

If you would like to give, please consider the following options available:

1. I would like to make a fiscal donation to support the holiday giving program. Click here to donate!

2. I want to support the Holiday Giving Program by purchasing $25 gift cards. GC can be dropped at any WWS School or the Administration Center in an envelope marked 2023 Holiday Giving Program / Att: Ashley Knott

3. I would like to support students.  You can click here to request the number of tags you want to fulfill. 

Where can you find Holiday Giving tags?


If you wish to support the Holiday Giving program, we invite you to visit any of the locations below.  If you prefer to make a fiscal donation, you can visit or drop off $25 gift cards to any of our Westfield schools marked “Holiday Giving.”  


  • Crossroads Church - Westfield

  • LifePointe Church - Westfield 

  • Northview Church - Westfield 

  • NSPIRE Church - Westfield

  • Open Doors of Westfield 

  • Radiant Life Church - Westfield 

  • Thrive Church - Westfield 

  • Village Park Bible Methodist Church - Westfield 

  • Westfield Washington Schools - Administration Center  


How would you like to help?

Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

Thanks for submitting!

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