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About Us

Our foundation board is comprised of dedicated individuals committed to the advancement of education in our community. With their diverse backgrounds and expertise, they work tirelessly to ensure that our foundation's mission is fulfilled. Their commitment is unwavering, as they tirelessly seek out opportunities to support students, teachers, and educational initiatives through scholarships, grants, and community partnerships.

The Foundation was established in 1986 to assist with funding that would enrich the opportunities for our Westfield community. Donating to the WEF allows for the Foundation to support the needs of our students and staff as the curriculum evolves and our community grows.

Our Mission

The mission of the Westfield Education Foundation is to work alongside Westfield Washington Schools and the Westfield community to empower and invest in our students and staff.

Our Vision

The Westfield Education Foundation will grow and provide resources that enrich and enhance teaching and learning in Westfield Washington Schools.

Our Newsletter

Want to learn more about WEF? Stay up to date with all of our events, grants, scholarships, and more by reading our newsletter.

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