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Rock Strong Awards

The Westfield Education Foundation and Everwise Credit Union proudly announce a staff appreciation initiative: the Rock Strong Award! This is a quarterly award, given out at each school plus operations and student support programs, to recognize teachers, instructional assistants, instructional coaches, building secretaries, bus drivers, substitute teachers, food service staff, and operations staff for the great work they do for our children and our community!


Each quarter, all schools plus operations and student support programs (BAC/TOTS/All Aboard) will review nominations from staff, students, families, and the community and select someone representing its values and culture to receive the Rock Strong Award. Westfield Education Foundation and Everwise Credit Union will present the award winners with a commemorative plaque and a $50 Amazon gift card as a way to show appreciation for all that they do. 

If you would like to nominate someone for the Rock Strong award, please click on the button below to fill out a form. 

2023 - 2024 RECIPIENTS

February 2024

Charlie Virden, Carey Ridge Elementary

Elizabeth Frye, Maple Glen Elementary

Brooke Lewis, Monon Trail Elementary

Megan Friermood, Oak Trace Elementary

Reed Otey, Shamrock Springs Elementary

Alex Kibbe, Washington Woods Elementary

Jake Miner, Westfield Intermediate School 

Kelly Leffel Westfield Middle School

Heidi Mangus, Westfield High School 

Catherine Odindo, Operations

Bessy Martinez, Early Learning Center

Stephanie Ragan, BAC Program

April 2024

Letty Duarte, Carey Ridge Elementary

Sarah Fritzsche, Maple Glen Elementary

Erin Davis, Monon Trail Elementary

Christine Higgins, Oak Trace Elementary

Christine DeCraene Shamrock Spring Elementary

Andrea Westberg, Washington Woods Elementary

 Courtney Tierney, Westfield Intermediate School

Christine Shepard, Westfield Middle School

Austin Brengle, Westfield High School

Paul Sherrer, Operations

Chris Hofeling, Early Learning Center

Jared Skinner, BAC Program

November 2023

Stephanie Foster, Carey Ridge Elementary

Laura Riggle, Maple Glen Elementary

Samir Guirguis, Monon Trail Elementary

Cheryl Beard, Oak Trace Elementary

Angie Hall, Shamrock Springs Elementary

Whitney Ackerman, Washington Woods Elementary

Sherry Comar, Westfield Intermediate School 

Cindy Bishop, Westfield Middle School 

Christy Ulsas, Westfield High School 

Frank Woten, Operations

Taylor Boyd, Early Learning Center

Sam Ginder, BAC Program

September 2023

Beth Bielefeld - Westfield Intermediate School

Jeff Smith - Westfield Middle School

Taylor Abbas - Carey Ridge Elementary

Kista Reynolds - Oak Trace Elementary 

Julie McComb - Westfield High School

Chef Rob Koeller - Food Services

Lynn Veatch - Early Learning Center

Holly Bertram - Shamrock Springs Elementary

Tara Anderson - Monon Trail Elementary

Nicole Newman - Maple Glen Elementary

Marcella Siebert - Washington Woods Elementary

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