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Community Grants

The Westfield Education Foundation collaborates closely with Westfield Washington Schools to prioritize academic excellence and student well-being. We obtain funds via community partnerships, generous donations, and grants to meet the district's requirements. Your donation supports teacher grants, student scholarships, and innovative programming and acts as a link for the district to ensure that our staff and students have the necessary resources for a bright future.

Kicking The Stigma Grant 2023 (1).png

We are thrilled to share that we were awarded a grant from the Indianapolis Colt's Foundation!

  1. United Way/LEI The Central Indiana COVID-19 - $45,000

  2. ARPA City  (Grants/Programs)  $57,405

  3. ARPA County (Early Learning) $11,205

  4. Westfield Lions Club WHS Culinary $ 1000

  5. Westfield Lions Club WHS Choir $1000

  6. Westfield Lions Club Teacher Grants $2000

  7. Westfield Lions Club Laugh It Off $1500

  8. Rotary Club of Westfield Laugh It Off $2500

  9. Kiwanis Club of Westfield Laugh It Off $500

  10. DOE 3 E’s Grant (Ag Science/Culinary WHS) $63,208.80

  11. Duke Energy Foundation (SSES Outdoor Learning Lab) $15,000

  12. Republic Services (Student Support) $1,500

  13. Westpoint Financial Group - Payroll Deduction Match $2500

  14. Hamilton County (Mental Health) $15,000

  15. Meijer Simply Give - $1000

  16. Hamilton County Community Foundation - Mental Health - $20,000

  17. Hamilton County Non-Profit Grant - $15,000

  18. Kicking The Stigma - Indianapolis Colts - $5000

  19. Duke Energy Foundation (Rocksgiving $15,000)

  20. Hamilton County Community Foundation (Mental Health $10,000)

  21. Arby's Foundation (Food Insecurity $59,000)

Westfield Education Foundation received a $45,000 grant from United Way/LEI - The Central Indiana COVID-19 Community Economic Relief Fund (C-CERF). Hamilton County School districts were awarded a total of $300,000 from United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI). WEF received $45,000 and funds went toward developmental disabilities preschool, English learners engagement, summer camp, youth assistance, and swim lessons at the YMCA.

We understood the strains caused by COVID and isolation. Funds were divided into 6 buckets (Developmental Disabilities Preschool, Traveling Teachers, English Language Learners, Westfield Youth Assistance in support of Camps, Westfield Washington Schools in support of Camps, YMCA Swim Lessons). We have 8865 students at WWS. All 8865 were able to receive some form of support from the grant. Additional programs were made available to those that were uninsured, underinsured, linguistically diverse, and economically disadvantaged. Often programs not only supported our students but our families as well.


The timing of the C-Cerf grant was phenomenal. Our Traveling Teacher fund allowed principals to host multiple outdoor gatherings, offer extra tutoring, reconnect with families, and build leaders. Partnered with Westfield Youth Assistance to send 72 youth to camp/enrichment programs. 100% of these students were free & reduced. In support of our findings that our Hispanic and non-English Speaking students were feeling less connected than peers, we hired staff and created events. We provided swim lessons in June and July for 27 youth. Hosted swim camp for Student Impact. And provided swim supplies and transportation for students that needed the assistance. These funds broke the barriers created for families. All 27 of the youth were free/reduced eligible. Our Development Disabilities Preschool program connected students who missed out on supports/enrichments due to COVID.

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